Thanks, Ruby5!

Last night I was tweaking the titles of some of my ads on AdWords for Fearless Rails Deployment. Just an hour later, a couple of sales came in. I woke up this morning and there were a few more.

"Wow, my AdWords are doing well for some reason," I thought.

So I logged into the AdWords console. Still just a whopping 2 clicks. What?

Google Analytics revealed traffic coming from a new source.

It turns out Fearless Rails Deployment got featured on the Ruby5 podcast yesterday.

And they said nice things! Whoa. The sales are nice, but having written something other people find useful and recommendable is just... FUCKING COOL.

So thanks, Ruby5 podcast. You've made my week.

I'm Zach.

I wrote Fearless Rails Deployment.

Sometimes I write things on this website, but not as often as I'd like.